Self-Talk of an Optimistic 'Poet'

Your future's bright (that's completely clear).
Smell your success. It'll soon be here!
The only thing that's left to do
Is compose a witty line or two.

So focus now. Let's get this done.
(You'll feel so good when your victory's won!)
The lines, oh yes, you feel them brewing
Poetic genius will be your doing.

Yes, um hum. I think it's rising.
The words that will be so inspiring!
And when they break from brain to pen
They will continue to flow and then

You'll be so proud of what you've done.
Oh, winning this contest will be such fun!
So come on now and finish this rhyme
I mean it-you remember last time?

You thought and thought and still had nothing.
Boy, that experience was really something.
But that was then. It's out of sight.
It won't happen again. It won't...right?


The End

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