Story-like Poem About a Newbie

I'm new here to Protagonize.
It seems like something worth to analyze
because this site likes to recognize
the "new kids" that have arised.

I actually think that's quite awesome.
Older members even help out the lost ones.
"Which new member shall I help blossom?"
said an experienced Protagonist who loved...possums... (o . o lol)

"Ahah! I found one. And she is already posting, that's pretty rare."
said the Protagonist while she scratched her head of dark hair.
"I should congradulate her and I shall sing her a fanfare!"
said the Protagonist while typing up a song to show the newbie that she cared.

When the Protagonist clicked send
for a comment to the newbie that she could lend

a hand, the newbie got ecstatic.
So in a panic,

she replied to the older Protagonist and accidentally
called her "best friend" instead of friendly.

The newbie's face got red with heat
but then realized, there was such a thing called edit and delete!

I hope you understood the poem. XD
It starts off with me observing Protagonize and how they like to help out new members. Then it goes into a story-like mode where it tells a small story about an experienced Protagonist and a newbie.
The experienced Protagonist is always looking for new Protagonists to greet because she always wants to be the first one to know the newbies. 

Italic words are the words that rhyme, but what are the underlined words there for? BIG hint: There's a small hidden message in this story-like poem!

The End

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