Empty Paper

... ...

My paper is empty
Anything I write is garbled junk
My writing has lost it's funk
And I'm staring at this empty paper
Waiting for inspiration
But I just see a empty white sheet
of empty paper

... ...
I try to write
My pencil snaps
It's more than an imagination lapse
Now there is a mark on the empty paper
And I need to find another sheet 
Of empty paper

... ...
 There is nothing I can write 
And I don't have the time
To think of a rhyme
  I fail as a poet 
I should be a dancer instead
Then I wouldn't be staring at empty paper

... ...
 I can't think why I got my self into this 
It's so hard
Not like the poems written in your birthday card
 Why did i get myself into this?
Oh yeah...
I wanna go to Disney land!



The End

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