The Poetry Competition! (not really)

Poems about competitions.

Entering a poetry competition,

Is like going on a kind of mission.

In preparing your submission,

You become a part of a tradition.

Yearning for greater recognition,

You modify your composition,

Hoping that your own rendition,

Will confound the opposition.

You hanker after erudition,

Hope to become a word magician,

Testing your limited cognition,

With a new linguistic acquisition.

Dream of becoming a rhetorician,

Despite the medical condition,

Revealed to you by your physician,

Which will only go into remission,

If you give up on your ambition,

Of joining in the competition!

But despite this prohibition,

You will not alter your position,

Because entering the competition,

Of your very own volition,

Despite incipient malnutrition

Is your one fervent ambition!

The End

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