The poetic story of two lovers

This is a story/poem/song I created for a dear friend but though you might enjoy :)

Let me tell you a tale of two lovers

Zephyr Necro and Pandora Snow

To each of them in their mind there were no others

But their love was mangled, sad and crying

Their parent said "you can't be together, No!

And don't let us catch you trying"

So the love story of Zephyr and Pandora had little interaction

They were stilll in high school

Bullied and hated for their fashion

Their love, Gothicism and black

No matter what they kept their beliefs

Even through the many attacks

So for many years

2 to be precise

They had little time for their love,leading to tears

But lo and hold the end was near

They could go to the school's masquerade ball!

Then escape together in cheer.

So Pandora asked him one question

She whispered "will you escape with me from the dance?"

"Of course" he replied "what a smart and intriguing suggestion"

She replied , asking him back one thing

"How will I find you?"

"I'll be wearing our mask imbued with the ruby that makes both our hearts sing"

So they planned and planned

Thinking of it all

Before time's bell clanged

Pandora wore a magnificent dress with her angel mask

Both with jewels and diamonds

Looking more elegant would be quite a task

Zephyr wore his favourite tux and his wondrous mask

Soot black and pearl white

In his glory and dashing one could  bask

Pandora entered the ball and began to look

Through the candlelit  hall

She was in love ,not caring how long it took

When Pan saw his beautiful masked face

She swore he was the angel

With such radiant grace

So Zephyr took her hand and they started to dance


Twisting and twirling in an exquisite prance

On the final song

The Vampire Waltz

They made their escape and were gone

Now they were together forever more

In each other's embrace

They took to the road, their hearts a-soar

The End

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