So I finished my homework.

Or at least as much as possible.

And I do have to admit I may be

The teeniest




Addicted to this poetry stuff.

Yeah, even the metaphors

That you have to stare at

All night

To get what the heck they really mean.

I guess it would be okay

To write a poem for my teacher

She's been begging for some writing

To cover up that bare blue bulletin board.

And maybe

Just maybe

There will be some

Spectacular extra credit involved.

But now's the time I reach the bad part.

Is good enough good enough?

I can always picture the

"It's... Interesting?" and the

"It could use some work"

But never the

"Great idea!" and the

"Can I keep this?"

And now I'm wondering...

Are you going to reject me, too

Like a used-up, tasteless

Wad of gum?

The End

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