8 Months

It's been 8 months

And much has changed

More things have happened

Than have ever happened

Like when I took the piano part

In a musical my teacher said

I couldn't handle

But I did it anyway

Like when I came out of the closet

On a self-destructive whim

I didn't think it through

But I did it anyway

Like when I was fully accepted

And my friends loved me for me

Even the lesbian part

And I met a girl who made

As the otakus say

My kokoro go doki doki

But I also lost a friend

Because I loved her too much

And she wasn't like me

And I became a cold person

And we would argue and stop talking

And I was done repairing things

So I told her we were not

Going to be friends anymore

But she won't leave my life

Every time she favorites a tweet

I grit my teeth and wish

She would just let me go already

Because I'm done with her

And as for the girl

Who makes my kokoro go doki doki

Sometimes I'm driven insane

By the fact that she's so perfect

And I hardly deserve her

But she says I'm cute and awesome

Even though we're just friends

And I'm okay with that

Because one day I'll have the courage

To ask her to be mine

When the time is right

Because I know it'll work

This time it will

It has to

The End

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