The Play Of Life

About theater, smoke and mirrors, and people in general.


Act one takes us nowhere

Act two takes us far

Act three brings us home again

And act four leaves a scar.


In the play of life so deeply I delve

Some rehearse till it hurts to be themselves

The theater is thriving, and grandeur they chase

Avoiding the mirror, the choices they'll face


This stage is dark but never still

Even when the curtain's closed

Figures cavort and project your will

In the mirror as you doze.


In the play of life so sadly I sense

We don't know our lines of this vast pretense.

The props are brought out, spotlights shine

In hopes of revealing what can't be defined.


Our roles and acts are never set

We'll take a bow and play so nice

Something ensures we don't forget

Offending the audience comes at a price


With no one to watch, we kidnapped a crowd

And told them to applaud and honor us; loud!

Yet the curtain will close and they will leave

And you'll notice a reflection you never believed.


On this side its just a costume

On the other side its Death

How could we ever assume

That to exit the stage means you left?


In the play of life so suddenly I feel

The personas we wear are the faces we steal

And when the time comes to greet our reflection

We'll see there was never a thing called perfection.

The End

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