The Pig Prince

This is a poem I wrote when I was simply feeling inspired. Enjoy! P.S. I am making this a collaborative project; as some may want to add another story of the Pig Prince in his kingdom.

The withering hours go so slowly
As desperation comes too quickly.
The light in her heart outnumbers the dark
And yet with such great pain
She calls out for help
From this sinking abyss
In a kingdom of an unknown name
The boy sits in his thrown and makes another command
Another remark.
He thinks she can take it all
But she is too weak.
With fingers as thin as the needles
She feels piercing her heart
She grabs the plate full of slop
For the pig to eat at his table.
And even though she is the Queen
She cannot decide how the Prince runs his life
The Prince runs the Queen's life
To the very last
Drop of water
That lies beneath
Her tender skin.
Her mouth quivers on the brink
Of a single sound
But she cannot speak
A block of fear is stuffed between her lips
She stays uncomfortably silent
While his voice grows louder.
And louder.
And louder.
So loud that the entire kingdom
Can hear his raging young voice
Telling her she is wrong
Telling her he is in command
For one day
He will be a King
And she will only be his Mother.
And though the current King is gone
The Prince still considers himself but a Prince
A Prince of power
A Prince of strength
A Prince who can push the poor woman
Into the ground which lies filthily beneath her
The pig Prince sits back at his thrown
And commands a bowl of soup.

The End

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