The Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Properties of Natural Occurences as Determined by a Lovestruck PoetMature

one of my favorites

‘Tis she who makes the river flow

I see it in her eyes

‘Tis she who gives the setting sun

A lasting will to rise

‘Tis she who aggravates the wind

And makes him want to run

‘Tis she who gives my broken heart

A reason to move on

‘Tis she who lay upon the grass

And points up to the sky

Her fingers seem to rearrange

The clouds as they go by

‘Tis she who, as the wind would pass

She makes him want to sing

He’s singing of November as

The clouds abandon green

He’s singing of December as

The world is powdered white

He’s singing of the summer

Praying he might be alright

He’s singing of the spring, and still

Desire settles in

He sings; the song has sung him dry

He’ll never sing again.

The End

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