The Perfect Day

this is a poem of a very special day that i hold dearly in my heart that i spent with two very close friends in mountlaur, the south of france.



It was the perfect day

We couldn't find our way

lost in the beautiful morning skies

and sunlight burning in our eyes


Nothing would stop the three of us

we were laughing outloud just because

Something about the grassy hills

and melodies from birds that thrilled


Each of our hands curled with anothers

A feeling of love and friendship with eachother

Water streams warm with heat

as we stuck in our stcky wet feet


Our hair swaying in the wind

as each of us laughed and spined

Sitting amongst rows of lush grapes

eating like messy children or hungry apes


The screams of laughter eachoing allong caves

of forbiden places that we explore anyway

With smiles on our faces

We run like horses in races

It was the perfect day

we found our way

i'm still lost in beautiful morning skies

all i dont have is the sunlight in my eyes

and my two best friends by my side








The End

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