the pen-less girl

and she writes.
she writes the words
that imprint themselves
upon her skin

and eventually
she runs out of pens
pens to write with and spread ink
on thin paper

so she borrows ones,
asks and thanks as they are lent
but they never come back
so she wonders if they have more

but finally
someone says no
and she can no longer borrow
the pens she so desperately needs.

it's like a craving,
and she can't get rid of it
so she steals pens
from their owners

and then the owners catch on
to her charade and 
her thievery 
so they begin to hide them

so she moves on
and slips them from stores
or buys them in bucketfuls
because she needs these pens

and eventually
the world runs out of pens 
for this word-starved girl
and she uses her blood for ink.

and she lets herself bleed out
onto the page,
spelling letters with lifeblood
and thinks idly to herself,

a pencil would not have done.


it had to be a pen.

The End

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