the peaceable jungle

it is a dream,

a utopian dream,

that in one far, distant day,

the lion and the lamb shall be at peace,

they will play together,

games of tag, hide and seek,

but the hunt and the flight,

will no longer be,

in the peaceable jungle

that is suppose to be.

the lamb will lose its trembling fear,

and the lion,

well, the lion ...

will the lion still have its mighty roar?

will the lion still have its claws at the end of its powerful paw?

will the lion still have any tattered remnants of its majesty,

its regal, fearsome, well-earned majesty,

when the jungle has been conquered by the tranquil peace?

the lamb will still graze,

and the lamb will still romp,

and the lamb will be free to be a lamb to the fullest.

and i am happy for the lamb,

but for the lion, i shed tears, terribly painful tears,

for i fear

that the lion

will need to be,

maybe even have to be,

the sacrificial lamb in the peaceable jungle.

and somehow,

this makes me sad.




The End

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