The Path We Take

The Path We Take

Darkness falls

But I still wander

Ailing feet

Along I blunder

Getting tired

Feet from under

Heavy legs

Tripped asunder

Darkness falls

But I’m still walking

No destination

Walking, talking

Moon comes up

Light send me baulking

Darkness is here

But still, I’m walking

Time to leave

Destination reached

Time to go

Darkness breached

Try to continue

Can’t seem to go

Feet move faster

Can’t seem to slow

Towards somewhere

Completely unknown

My feet doth take me

Destination un-shown

Want to stop

Want to hide

Cannot turn

Already tried

Pull keeps pulling

Towards unknown goal

Feet keep walking

My life seems stole

Feet keep walking

Gaining speed

Feet start running

Where will they lead?

The End

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