The Past

Just the despair that you can sink into on occasion, or when you're just waiting for something more.

The past,

Is all I see,

It makes me wish,

I was never born.


People wonder,

Why I say,

”I’m not good enough”,

Look now,

At what I’ve done,

Because  I die,

Every time.


I work,

So hard,

So long,

To accomplish goals,

But they say,

The “wrong” goals.


People wonder,

Why I’m paranoid,


I’ve lost it all,

I can’t,

Lose it again.


I care,

 So much,

About the “things”,


At least I know,

That “things” won’t leave me.


“What, am I,

Who am I”

Is all I ask,

Who will be,

The first to answer?


The pain,

Is “in the past”,


The past is here,

And there forever.



I sob,

I plead,

Do not repeat,

what has been done.


Please be the one,

to start anew,

To start the change,

Please be the one.

The End

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