The Passion WithinMature

A somewhat lusty poem...

When I close my eyes you are next to me,

Our desires are ever so plain to see.

Your hand on my face you kiss me intense,

The thickness in the room becoming immense.

Your arms wrapped tightly around my waist,

We head for the bedroom and with haste.

You gently lay me on the velvety bed,

One hand still on the back of my head.

Our mouths meet, fully enveloping each other,

From this moment on, you will  be my lover.

Our naked bodies pressed firmly together,

I whisper "Can I keep you forever".

These feelings I have for you are wrong and I know,

But it would hurt too bad to ever let you go.

You plunge yourself deep inside,

Leaving me left with nothing to hide.

From within, you see, I've had these walls built up high,

So no one could break them or even want to try.

You've broken through and I'm yours for the taking,

A bond sealed with this love-making.

You complete me, you see, in ways no one has ever before,

And now I am left begging you for more.

This beautiful thing comes from something so unexpected,

You did it so smoothly and well undetected.

As we lay in the bed that we now share,

You run your hand through my soft hair.

You tell me you love me and want to give me forever,

And I can think of nothing better.

The End

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