The Pained: Broken Heart and Broken Soul (series part 3)

To The Keeper of Heart,

I thought you might like to know, just before you go and leave me here alone, that you still have my heart. I’m so sorry, but you were right.

You shouldn’t have told me the things I had been dying to hear. The things I pray for every night. The things that gave me the most joy for such a time.

You shouldn’t have fortified my hope, my dreams, my desires.

You shouldn’t have made me happy.

You’re right.

Perhaps you can’t hear my sarcasm, so let me make it clear.

Thank you for that.

But what you shouldn’t have done, was shatter everything that you had built. Everything you gave. Every little thing I held dear.

Have you ever tried walking on glass?

Imagine what it feels like for your world to be nothing but floors of broken glass. Every experience you have is just another room coated in shattered dreams. Every feeling you have stings at the sole, robbing you of anything else you could possibly have but pain.


I’m in pain.

But I still love you.

Forever yours,
The Pained

The End

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