The pain that feeds inside.

The emptyness inside,

Its what keeps me going on,

If you sead you were my friend you lied,

Everyone I cared for is gone.

Now I lay forgotten like the day no one can recall,

Left to lie in the past,

No one hears my lonesome call,

My life is fadeing so very fast,

No one seems to notice,

My mind suffers from insanity,

But I can help but think its bliss,

Looseing you mind over a memory.

Sucomeing to the pain that feeds inside,

The darkness stains my eyes,

No more places to hide,

No more prolonged goodbys,

Everything fades far from reality,

To a world many miles away,

All that inhabit it is me,

And thats how it will remain to the very last day.

The End

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