THE OUTCOMES OF "teen love"

The outcome of Dating in High school

"Adolescent's Pride"

Dating in high school can only lead to...two possibilities

A breakup or marriage

Think about it, there are a lot of teenagers who date but only a few of them make it till marriage. As teenagers, we go through a phase of development where we experience a lot of changes and tend to build up feelings for those of the opposite gender. That is good, because its natural. But its the things we do that become the problem, and I'm not talking about holding hands or hugging because Kissing happens more often. Those who know the Bible well enough might tell me that Jesus kissed his disciples, so how is it wrong that they are doing it. That is true and therefore I tell you...

The type of kiss I'm talking about is a romantic kiss, which should be done with a pure heart and happen between two people who have unconditional love for one another, and since we are still young we do not possess that kind of love. These actions are influenced by Lust and God says lust is Adultery. Today we can find teenagers kissing under a fig tree and singing "i love you" and "let's give it a try" but it always ends with a cry. What angers the Father is the fact that they move from one person to another...

Understand that I'm not trying to be negative or mock teenagers who date, because there are actually those who have succeeded. Now let's look at the couples that made it out of high school, got engaged and found marriage. Most of these couples spend a number of years enjoying their lives and at some point Fate gets in their way then the next thing, they divorce before reaching the age of thirty. And when you ask them why? they tell you "we are two different people and we want different things in life" then you ask why they married in the first place and the saying goes " we were still young and not thinking straight"

Now the outcomes of "teen love" have changed from Breakup and marriage to breakup and....breakup

After mentioning this, some people told me that they date to gain experience. Sure, but what happens when your partner has more experience huh?  What happens when you bring your High school baggage into your marriage and then plan to live a happy life and have a family but your pregnancy results in a miscarriage because of the things you did in high school. Then that saying comes again "I was young and not thinking straight" 

So now I can conclude and confidently say that the outcomes of "teen love" are indeed Breakup and BREAK UP.....

The End

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