The Outcast

Understanding Outcasts " fish out of water "

I roam around school searching for the outcast, the one who dwells alone in an isolated space Rejected by society because he couldn't find his place

He lays in silence, gazing and observing all the injustice and violence in school no one thinks he's cool 

Even the friendly keep on passing , his invisibility has become outrageous then he starts asking " what can I do to get noticed?" He seeks advice and help from teachers who might know this, even they do not recognize , which makes his problem emphasized...You are the outcast

Not belonging to any group nor class you are always alone, abandoned and cornered your pain is felt on every bone...Help me understand the outcast

I believe you have talents that need to be seen. Yeah, rise and show them that there's no need to be mean

The outcast is now confident, no longer gazing but showcasing his abilities and receiving compliments. Now everybody speaks of him

The outcast, even from a distance he is recognized you'd think " wow! At last " but he still dwells alone. I guess he's proud of being THE OUTCAST.

The End

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