The Otherside

Without you here
I can't help but to wonder
what it must be like to live on the Otherside
We are separated into two
While we collide at times
we mix as good as oil and water.
How do you manage
to hide your feelings so well?
They're bury deeper
than my black light will show.
As much as I envy the Otherside
I always ache that we could be intertwined.
That way neither of us will have to sacrifice
what we can not change.
But I'm not like the others on My side.
While they enjoy the company of hollow sounds
I'll rather die than be left all alone.
Very much like yourself.
But you will never show that emotion
that could potentially leave to conflict and commotion.
Cause even though I speak in "I'm fines"
I'll be lying, cause I
could never live on the Otherside.

The End

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