The Other WomanMature

Lighting the end
And dragging the butt
We drown out our worries
And tell-tale guts

I look to her
Her figure unsheathed
I quake with my lust
And sigh as I seethe

The fires put out
and the butts crushed black
I kiss to her toes
As she lays on her back

I pause for a moment
Retracting my kiss
To discover what devil
Had led me to this

I imagine my lover
Gently wandering sleep space
As I lie with another
In a far away place

A mistress to have
Without showing a trace
A defeating temptation
A threatening taste

She is what I wanted
As one ceased to provide
One to live
While the other had died

I continue my kiss
Free from disgrace
Then I stop and I speak
To the prettier face

I tell her I love her
She smiles a crack
She draws me in closer
And I smile right back. 

The End

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