The Other Side of An Affair

You look at me, and I look away,

Your eyes are begging me to stay,

But my beaten pride cries for me to flee,

From the murder of my heart, from this crime spree.


The air around me is the same,

Almost as if your interest never came,

The trees lose leaves in the Fall still,

Even if my emotions fail, not at my will.


The mirror infront portrays the same window,

To the me with eyes full of shadows,

My hand still feels heavy with the lightness of this,

The sun still shines with the fire of an unneeded bliss.


My bed still feels deep and foreboding,

My empty pillows are always warning,

My tears are still the same as I wish unwanted,

Their streaks forever staining the covers, undaunted.


The trials of this forbidden love arise,

The failures of my forbidden past are my demise,

The sight of you begging me to stay near here

Is the one thing I fear, the need for you to keep me near.

The End

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