"The Original Veteran"

"The Orignal Veteran"

He is the one who stepped in the very first War, the one, the true example, the eptiome of perfection of leading by example I can ever possibly imagine. He can never, ever be matched nor duplicated or re-created. He was not forced to fight for the freedom of our sins, but rather choose to fight not because he watned the glory, fame, or fortune but because he knew now in his mind but in his heart and soul that he was doing was the right thing!

Maybe if we all started to act just a little more like him, and thought of him in a new light with a fresh mindset free of all the preconceived  notions that we have maybe we could make this a better place to live! But never stop asking the questions of 'is he even real?' or 'why should I believe?' for blind faith is more dangerous then having no faith at all.

If you were to ask me if I talk to him I would say 'yes' not everyday, not even every month, but I do...For inspiration, strength, guidance, and peace of the world. I need not fall upon my knees to know that he has heard me because I see him everyday in the car, on the bus, and street, and at school...How? Because everyday I carry the burden like he carried his cross and like him I have fallen down, figuratively, literally, morally, and physically, so who is he???
His name is Jesus....

The End

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