The Open Eye

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Annoying lights and noisy cars and full of stress and people,

on a boring street between two rows of dirt and grass in disarray,

the rocky sidewalk lifting, dropping me awkwardly as I trudge 

among a slew of ugly buildings tossed about on either side.


I squeeze between a shaggy and protruding mess of bushes

and a rotting wooden pole that’s in my way and has no purpose,

and here the sidewalk ends and starts again across the street

and so I anxiously prepare to rush through lanes of busy traffic.


I’m agitated by the wait and angry at the scene, and then

I notice someone standing there across from me and staring,

but not at me-- at all the dull and dirty things around me... 

looking through his lense at something I have yet to see.

The End

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