The Only One Living in Regret

So be sincere
I showed my fear
The price of our love was too dear
But I always knew
no matter what we do
it wasn’t seen through and through


You were emotionless,
It caused me distress,
Girl, I told you I won’t regress
What I’ve said
The times I’ve bled
over a love better off dead

I should have seen the signs
of our decline
even when we were doing fine
but that’s the trick
it made us sick
of each other’s romantic...

Gestures left undone
I’m not the only one
Who lives in regret

I could have held on
But you were gone
a obscene symptom
of a perfect life
without the strife
but that would never suffice

To your melodrama
you stole my karma
N’ left me with no desire
of a fairytale ending
we’d be ascending
But there’s no use in pretending

Of gestures left undone
I’m not the only one
Who lives in regret

But I am lost in my solitary
existence of the derogatory
But can’t you see the light
even when we’d fight
there was something there
we’d both still care
But now that flame is burnt out
without a doubt
I never want to see you again

The End

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