The Ones

Ode to families.

The excitement of welcoming the new ones;

The sadness and fond memories, of the departed ones;

Spurt of childhood, in a haze of toys and books,

Playground and friends, but is never lost;

Sunkissed photographs of the young ones;

The bossy older ones;

The naughty younger ones;

Words of wisdom from the mighty elders;

Advices and world unfolded from a father’s stare;

Hugs and kisses of a mother, never more is one caressed;

The countless cars changed over the years and so the homes;

The strewn hair on the floor of the four legged ones;

Circle of life in an endless song, from the beginning to the very long;

Ones that will be etched, in love, in joy and in memories forever…


The End

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