The One Pence Penny

flick it, exchange it, burrow it, seek it, find it, use it for luck.
Can be used for practically anything but who needs it most?

It gleams from the dirty floor,

Walkers pass by and ignore,

Wants pity and self-worth,

Its for luck and not a curse,


Lady picks up and into the purse,

One penny grander,

Another penny worse,


It's lies in the purse, on its floor

Owner ignores it,

Not loved anymore,


Today is a decision, what lucks in store?

Out with a flick,


Thrown and left sore,


The bum finds it but wants more,

Takes it and exchanges,

Down at the store,


Shopowner opens the drawer,

Gives it a flick,

Transaction is ended.......


Left for another day








The End

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