The One in the Costume

You know me

But yet,  you don't.

I'm the one at a lot of large events

The one that every child wants to hug

And every parent wants to take pictures with.

I'm the one that everyone can recognize at first glance

They shout out my name in excitement

But all I feel is dread.

I'm the fluffy mascot that shows up everywhere.


I know that I should feel joy along with the child that comes up and hugs me around my waist.

I should feel happiness and warmth when a child loves me. But that's just it. Nobody loves me. They love the character that I am supposed to be.


When a child takes a picture with me,

And the parents are grinning at how cute it all is

But I can not smile as I know that I already have a goofy grin smeared across the face of the big furry head.


When a child screams and shouts

Saying,  “This is the best day ever”,

I can not agree with them as I have seen better days.

I used to be in a place where I was respected

But now I'm at the bottom of the todem pole.


A child will always remember this day filled with joy and happiness that only the magic of Disney World can bring.

But this day is the same to me.

It blurs into yesterday and tomorrow

Until the day blends into the week

And the weeks turn into months.


Yes, the child will remember me

For a little while at least.

Until the next great new flashier character

Comes out on the screens.

Then I will only be seen in memories

As no one finds my character great anymore.


Then I'll fade into the background until it is decided that there is no more need for my character.

I will get switched out into a more lovable character

And disappear into the deaths of a new fuzzy creature.


I am the mascot that every sees

Everyone knows

But doesn’t really see.


The End

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