Close not mine to open yours

Many of you judge me

For the things I do 

But never have a you ask yourselves , why?

Is it a gossip or concern ?

Many of your lips say things 

That eyes have not seen

And ears have not heard 

Yet your tongue lie 

To roll and accuse me

Call my name 

And tell me the wrong I have done 

And I will not bother

Standing  on your peace 

Soul, like any other, I am 

Mistake I shall do 

Yet, my name

Rest on your tongue of accusation

And your soul feels nothingb?

Oh judge me not my dear 

And pin not my heart with pain 

For you’re breakable

Like I certainly am 

So close not your stenchy cup

To open mine with your black hands

For I tell you 

These are the reasons 

Why pencils always 

Have erasers behind

The End

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