The Old Willow Tree

Do you remember in old woods where ancient roots grew,
Where our friendship first began to bloom?

We found a tree, that special old willow tree
The one we climbed until we could no longer see

The pain and sorrow far below the winding branches
Bouts of imagination spilling o'er us like avalanches

When the sun began to set as we sat there, carefree
We would say 'meet me, at the old willow tree'

The years passed over and we grew older
I remember the cool air on my shoulder

Now that's in the past, your all gone
No more can I hear, your soothing song

Now my hands, wrinkled as winter apples
And my legs as shaky, I may fall to shambles

I still visit our special tree, where your grave now rests
Your smile still haunts me as I go through lifes different tests

If I could see you, would you say to me,
Meet me by the old, old willow tree

The End

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