Everything (I)

This poem I wrote while I was having quite an obsession with the song "Everything" by Lifehouse (I still do). I stole a few lines from the song as well!

A faraway heart that will never be mine

Like a rose between a thorn, wrapped in twine

I see you everyday and a smile comes my way

But I'm invisible to you and shall forever stay that way

A love beyond my imagination

A feeling felt never before

A single tear from my eye

And those three words from my lips

That's all I'm ready to give you for my first kiss

Like midnight within my heart

I ponder in silence

As the moonlight appears

I feel strangely nonchalant

A world I never knew existed has suddenly dawned

And I feel like a queen and no longer a pawn

Is this real or is it fake?

It's hard to decide with you taking my breath away

The End

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