Speaking To The Heart

I really don't know what I was thinking about when writing this poem. So you can go ahead and guess. ;)

As I try to find the perfect words to say

My heart thuds fast inside me, making me sway

I find it difficult to say to you those wwords

All I can do now

Is speak to the heart.

It doesn't help at all

When you look at me with those mesmerizing eyes

It only makes it harder

My love for you is not just three words

It's not that simple

Thinking might make it so

But feelings don't

I find myself talking to the purity of my life

I'm speaking to the heart

Even when I finally get it out of me

I wait for your response

Your reply breaks my heart

Leaving it shattered in a million pieces

Who do I have now?

The mind? The soul?

The heart will become one again

But it needs time

I feel broken...shattered...worthless...

When shall I speak to my heart?

The End

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