Ah, the delights of childhood infatuations. :D

You're stuck in my mind

All through the day I think of you

Remembering all those memories

Where you were my valiant knight

Rescuing me and whisking me away to a world of happiness

Where I don't need to worry about a single thing

Not even one...

Even now I think of you

Of all the memories where you made me laugh

It's a big huge beautiful scar in my heart

Piercing me with sweet pain

But that scar...

I love it

I want it to stay

It's the only part of you I can hang onto

When you gave me a chance

And forgave me for the horrible thing I am

I cried and cried

Did I deserve this? Did you?

You deserve someone better

Not me.

But I read those three words

"I love you..."

That's all I need to know

You make me happy

and I love you too

Even if you don't realize it

You're unforgettable

You're all I need

You're all I'll ever have

And you're all I want.

The End

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