The Old Notebook

A little treat I found when cleaning out room(s):
A small notebook in which I'd written poems when I was 11-12 years old.

So my mom made me clean out two rooms today. And yes, by two I mean two. 

See, I'll be moving soon so my parents really want me to clean up the mess that I've created within the house that we've been living in over the past two years. I have notebooks, papers, books and just a lot of stuff scattered all over the place - none of which I really cared to look at. 

Well until today, when my mom said she won't give me any chocolate cake unless I cleaned. That forced me into action. 

So after I finished cleaning out my room and started on the guest bedroom (we never have guests over so I tend to, uh, make a garbage dump of the place), I found this old notebook of mine. 

Looking through, I read through these poems I'd written when I was around eleven to twelve years old. And I just laughed. Because, frankly, they're so...well, see for yourself. 

The End

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