You’re so unique that life seems complete

A silent mouth that refuses to eat

You keep the sores open and lace the cuts shut

And hide from your innocence.


With my blood stains on the floor, I break the glass and beg for more

Nine times in overdrive, kick the habit, fuck my life

Scars form in manic lines stabbed with needles of venom mixed with lime

Awful thoughts invade my mind when eating scorpions all the time


This ideal of you is nothing but illusion

Control yourself before getting lost in confusion

Preach the life you live, and to whomever understands you

You wear the masks that your ignorance blooms


Ignorance blooms

Suffering looms

Death Entombs

Tinder Box consumes


How can you expect to live a life when listening to the mainstream?

Cannot the strife of fellow humans


                                                                                                          8re8k 7h3 11u510n

                                                                                                          8nd nter 3al1ty

What you read                                                                                 15 c4r3fully c0n573d

                                                                                                          8reak f3

                                                                                                          70 nter



The End

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