To Break This Odd World We Live InMature

Sitting in a corner with the lights off

I hear I’m crazy for having dreams that go astray

“You should never go beyond the house someday”

What am I to do anyway?


They find me, and two time me

Say that I’m the best and they all agree

So why do you hate for whom the heart’s drum used to beat?

Aren’t we fucking unique?


I was standing against the wall

Watching homeless beggars cry for cash

And handing them quarters I hoped would last

Still so small, but only then did I feel good at all.


Fake people come to say their philosophies along the way

And say that I pray that my life molds to the worlds façade

Why should I trust these rotted fools?

As my innocence pools in their deceitful eyes pools morphing into something strange.


For the Heretic is myself

And the Hideous is in all of us, or so I thought

Beautiful in strange erotic ways

My only goal as your sage is to jumpstart your imagination to be the soothing rain


The rain that never goes away

Washes and cascades over scars that were formed by the phonies with their razorblades

Their words part of the false new age

May their visions never complete themselves or we’ll all be enslaved


The hopeless lechers paw,

So will you stand against the wall

And try to save them all

Trying desperately to hear their bitter crowing caw


You are the future you create

Part of a sole new age

Even saviors can make minimum wage

So forget the past and be a hero today.


We are what our hearts manifest

And that organ can be broken even with a bulletproof vest

Even if all the rest never prove damage done by their vocal cords no less

You, I, we, shall overcome, and try our best.

To break this odd world we live in with all the rest

The End

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