The Odd World We Live InMature


I just want to be able to live my life here

Regulation of emotion, misplaced reason, kills our souls dear


They take life, degrade it, disguise it

And cast a spell to make you buy it.


I’m just sitting at my computer

Trying to save one soul


She is an angel lost within despair

Wants to dominate someone just so one will care

And I’m just sitting at my computer trying to save that soul


They cast you as weaklings and say we need robots

Transhuman transition to transform the nation

The greatest flaw you have?

You don’t do enough with your thoughts

Sitting in a cafeteria you complain of a lack of action

Change is action, one thing at a time

That’s how we got here, isn’t it?

We took a chance, without a second glance


We see our friends succeed

And hate our stuff even more

There’s hidden within us the power to change the world with a click

Take it damn it!

The End

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