The Ocean's Sorrow

This is a song/poem that is about a girl who loves this guy and who thinks he is perfect in every way. but he doesnt like her back and she cant deal with the pain so she is drowning herself.

I know my fate is now

And I know my heart is gone

But when I hear your voice I start to rejoice

Knowing I am found.

The dreams that ive drempt have washed away into the sea

The light was swallowed by the ocean just like me

the only thing ive left behind is you and i

the feelings of my dieing heart

is torn in two like i and you

I know my fate is now

and i know my heart is gone

but when i hear your voice i start to rejoice

knowing i am found.

The memories weve shared will never be the same

drowning out the sorrow is

what i have to claim

You i have to blame

i knew my fate was then

and you took away my heart

The End

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