The Ocean

You were blistering my eyes in my drunken state,
I fall into decimated clefts of life,
At my age,
Too many move on,
I stay behind,
I'm not exactly waiting for something to carry on,
I'm just waiting...

My life right now is measured in patience,
Rather than the action of the past years,
My life is a measure of months,
Rather than weeks or days,
And for this time,
I have to accept that this is how things are.

One day,
Things will change,
Things will change beyond what I know,
Change beyond what I see in my future,
And that's all fine by me.

The waves create rifts upon the shore of the future,
And how I stay afloat is upon my judgement,
When they present themselves,
Not before I know,
Not before what is coming on that vast ocean in front of me.

The End

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