The Night is Young, Little One

My take on a song that people could have sang in the olden days.

My father spoke to me a while ago,
While I was still a lass,
He told me that I was all grown up,
But fragile as eggs made of glass.

I said to him, "Papa, you're really a bully,
Why should I break as you say?
Maybe your shadowing presence
Has made me brittle this way."

So he picked me up and threw me down,
Away down into the sea,
Sometimes I still hear Papa saying
How breakable I used to be.

The night is young, little one,
The night is young, my girl,
So lets go in and have some gin,
And give your momma a whirl.

My momma said to me one day,
"Why son, how tall you grow
Some day you'll be strong and great,
What seeds you'll someday sow."

I said to her, "Momma, you are a fool
To say such a thing about me.
I'm weak and brittle and older than our cow
Why, Momma, can't you see?"

So then she gave me poisonous seeds
And I ate them all, and died that very day,
Sometimes I still hear my Momma saying
How strong I used to be.

The night is young, little one,
The night is young, my lad,
So lets go in and drink some gin
And make scary love to your dad.

The End

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