The Night

The floor boards are dark,

My bare feet they cool.

I wait with the anticipation...

Have the adults retired to their room?

The old house creaks with every shift,

Either human or otherwise.

I can't believe I'm doing this...

Will they worry if they find I'm not were I lie?

I decide I have not a single care,

For the night is here and I can see the light,

Flashing it's rhythmic dare.

The barn is where I need to be,

To get away from the spite.

Sharp rocks sting 

Wet grass sings

"You're almost there...forget the fight".

The breeze is so soft I can barely feel it on my skin,

But I know it's there...

The oak leaves on my tree bathe and swim through the air.

My olfactory stores the smell of hay to be retreived another day.

And with one strong jerk,

I slide the heavy door to the side and take a seat.

With my feet dangling in space...

I watch the fireflies dance and meet.

The End

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