The Nexus

Reach the many worlds of your mind.

Hovering in the void
Staring, wide-eyed
Do not fret, child
Nothing can harm you here

There must be another reason, thus
That you feel the swallowing
Of following eyes
And hearken to the talking
Of stalking shadows?

Ah, my friend
Nothing but figments,
That in time will be lost

Envision doors
Each with personality,
Watch as they appear,
Pay close attention,
They create the map that is your mind

How do I know this much of you?
Did you slur in your slumber?
Perhaps I have spied in your journal!

Ah, my friend
Think, for just a moment
Do know nothing of yourself?
I am your slumber,
I am your journal,
I am the swallowing eyes,
And the talking shadows,
It is only when you realize this
The truth becomes clear.

I am you.

And you are?

The End

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