Flames and Their Smoke

Its obscurity is infuriating.

Like a wisp of black smoke,

It dances and leaps,

Fingertips clutch and grab,

Just out of reach.


Its fire surrounds us.

The flames lick at flesh,

Ravaging and biting,

Darkness helps feign acceptance,

But we still go out fighting.


It gives an answer laced to two questions.

We search and seek,

Peering through soot and ember,

But the dirt only blinds us,

We beg to surrender.


In seemingly random motions the blaze whips through the air,

Taunting and flaunting,

As ash drives us away into the dark,

Like every man before us.


But not before we take a step,

And take a look,

And gift our visions to the next man.

The End

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