The New

This poem describes most of my life although I am young. I am truly thankful for the new.

I died yesterday due to some pain.  

I cried when I died and there fell some rain.

But when I opened my eyes the light felt so good and new.

That was the beginning of someone else. Someone new.

All who hurt me were lost and confused but so was I because I knew exactly not what to do.

So I picked up my sword and picked a fight with life and each night I felt he best sleep at night.

No one can stop me for I am infinite.

No one can tell me that I can't because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So I thank the hurt and the pain.

Im glad that there was much heartache and rain.

It killed me and I'm glad.

Even though my friends are mad.

Because there rose the new.


The End

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