The Move

When i was little i lived in a house that was passed down to my mom when she got married and i lived there for 12 years until my grandfather found out about my parents addiction. We got kicked out and after we moved into our new house was when i found out about my parents and subconsciously got myself into my own addiction

Apprehend it

Ponder what i used to have

What i miss is what makes me mad

this old house i used to live in, is sad.

old creaks and weak leaks

something stares when you fall asleep

financially, we were in too deep

so we moved, cuz mamma was at her peak

and daddy saved his sadness in a bottle

wobble wobble, he’ll fall over and rev the throttle

and off we go to a brand new house

same old family and same old town

but there was something new i found

I got addicted to the things i grew up around


The End

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