The Mountain

looking deeper at not what the eye can see but what the soul can feel


There’s something about you that calls to my spirit

Perhaps it’s the vastness and sheer expanse of your presence before me

The thrilling sense of unknown predators living in your midst—the tickling sensation of potential eyes watching my every move

Or the quiet humbling of prey silently leaving footsteps as they tip toe across you

You leave just enough to mystery and chance to keep me coming back for more

And reward me with the anticipation of something new and beautiful to keep  in my mind forever as if saying, "thank you for coming"

A deep stirring within comes to life as I near you—as though I can feel your heart beating synchronously with mine

I cannot sleep when we are together; silent unrest an unseen drum that beats through my veins moving me forward to explore every inch of you

 My knees quake and I am humbled by your magnitude

The way the sunlight moves as if dancing across your face

Amazed how one side of you can be pure refreshing sunlight-- the other side can be dampened darkness--simultaneously

The way lightening seems to ping pong while the rumbling climbs from a whisper to an outrageous echoing roar that I feel around me and in my feet as I stand on the street gazing out at you

For a moment my breath catches and my heart seems to stop. I'm filled with a feeling-a sensation- mere words can't describe and I am still...

He's here.  His presence-I could reach out and touch the face of God. Feel His breath in the breeze gently caress me with a whisper of mercy and I know I am home.

~~The mountain~~

The End

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