The Monster in me.....

This is how I feel between my sister and I. When my parents look at her they see a angel. When they look at me they see a monster.

Hate to be the monster they see
when they look at me through my eyes
and hate to be the daughter
that they disgrace with heart.

Because, I am nothing but a mistake,
I am as worthless as the dirt we walk on,
and I am as imperfect as anyone can be.
But, as for my sister she is like a princess
in my parents giving eyes.
She's everything that I am not.
She's there perfect little angel
that they adore the most.

So, if I vanish from this earth
I won't have to face such pain and wonder
that I've dealt with when I lied here in sight.
Because, all they see is the monster in me.

The End

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