The Monster : Terror

In this poetry i have tried to describe the strength and power of the strongest enemy of our society i.e TERRORISM. We the people should in place of backing away, FACE the monster together with an optimist mind.

People die, People Cry when that Demon is summoned,

the destruction that follows leaves the world Stunned.


He plays with innocent's lives, he has no Fear,

What he does is kills, he knows no care.


We call him Terror, the harbinger of Sorrow,

he has ruined our past, and now targets our precious Tomorrow.


As Strong as Hercules, As cruel as Pedro,

It is advancing day by day, no more should it grow.


Let US take an oath to push that Demon down,

Let US stand together and counter its frown.


Let US pledge to hold hands and face it,

and build a peaceful world again BIT by BIT.


The End

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