The MOLE The Catalyst The Syndicate

If you've been following with my story "Letters to Nowhere", you can pretty much guess which poems belong to it. The way that it (the story) is going now, will be kind of difficult to actually fit the poems in there. BUT once it's finished (one day) where the poems will fit will become clear!

The role of the mole
While in duplicity hides
Behind the lies
While the Truth he tries to find
Rather, trying to maintain
A balance, the mole
Ploughs through
Unearthing one path
While covering the other
It's not as dangerous
Until he surfaces

The rain, innocent
Upon arrival, acidic
Rolls debris, drifts
Following the path
Sluicing what was so
Carefully crafted
Crashing in upon itself
All left behind
Surely must find refuge...
...At the surface...

Two worlds coincide
One shaping the other
Neither knowing the extent
Or shape
Perpendicular worlds: one ruler
Retreating back underground
The mole pushes through
Once again but
The playing field has changed

Those who
Return to rule the underworld
Feel safe
Until once again
They must reveal themselves

The End

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